Bendida is a symphonic fantasy female fronted metal band from Bulgaria/Sofia. The songs are based on mythology, fantasy and fiction. Traditional Bulgarian Folklore has a discreet influence over the rhythmic. Symphonic elements come from the classical instruments in the band like violin, viola da gamba, french horn, piano and acoustic guitar.

The band unites talented people with professional academic education and solid experience in music. Rich vocal melodies in the compositions are often combined with choral parts. The founder of Bendida – Vinnie Atanasov ( guitars, vocals, compositions, lyrics, orchestrations, arrangements etc.) created the band in 2008.
So far Bendida had released three singles: ‘The Farthest Shore’ -2012, ‘Prince of Ice’ – 2014, ‘Сребърни Ята’- 2021
and two albums: ‘Goddess of the Moon’ – 2017 – and ‘First of the Heroes’ 2020 (released by the Romanian label – “Psychosounds Music”)

On Bendida Youtube channel ( https://www.youtube.com/c/Bendida/ ) you can find lots of official videos, live-videos and lyric videos as well. The band has serious activity in concerts and festivals in Bulgaria and abroad. Several times the band took part in Municipal Cultural programs and had some live acoustic concerts broadcasted on the National TV of Bulgaria and Bulgarian National Radio. Bendida played together with many bands like Sirenia on their tour in 2024. In 2018 the band was choosen to play with Apocalyptica and Nightwish at Varna Mega Rock Fest

The Bendida’s family includes eight official members. Very important part of the family during the last two years became the beautiful people from the Academic Choir ” Sveta Paraskeva” with conductor – Galina Lukanova.The front-lady Kremena Nikolova is responsible for the lead, back vocals, choral parts and also takes care of the stylish appearance of the whole band. The great looking visual materials, posters, flyers, cards, merch design, artistic look of the album covers, booklets, lyric videos, video backgrounds and many more things are also made by Kremena Nikolova.

All the musicians and singers in Bendida, led by Vinnie Atanasov together create a unique Fantasy World, painted by the “brush of music”. It’s a wonder-land full of Gods and Goddesses, kings, princesses, enchanted woods, mystical creatures, myths and legends.If you want to be a guest in the World of Bendida, it’s easy, just free your mind and use your imagination, the music will take you there!

Kremena Nikolova : Lead vocal
Vinnie Atanasov : Guitars, Vocals, Compositions, Lyrics
Alexander Panayotov : Bass
Bisera Dimitrova : Violin
Ralitsa Georgieva : Keyboards
Plamen Dimitrov : French Horn
Vyara Grancharova : Viola Da Gamba
Iliyan Vasilev : Drums

Bendida – Vampires’ Ball (Official video)

Bendida - Vampires' Ball (Official video)featuring Janika Groß (Haggard, ...

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Check our latest lyric video – We are going to WAR

https://youtu.be/6O5dFRZpK0w?si=3rCLnUczmmxWZtJo Bendida know how to tell a good story! ...

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