Bendida – Witch and the Devil (Official Video)

Witch and the Devil

Produced by President studio, Sofia

Song writer: Vinnie Atanasov
Lyrics writer: Vinnie Atanasov
Official web site:

Bendida :
Vinnie Atanasov: guitars, vocals, programing and orchestrations
Kremena Nikolova: Vocals
Yana Ivanova: Keyboards
Alexander Panayotov : Bass
Lyuben Dimitrov : Drums

Director: Biser Veselinov
camera, video-making : Biser Veselinov
Scenario Writer: Kremena Nikolova
Stylist & Make Up: Kremena Nikolova

Song recoded at Silvia Music Studio Sofia
Sound engineer, mixing and mastering: Teodor Yankov

Special Thanks :
Rock’n’Rolla Bar & Club Sofia
Yuli Savov – making our ‘Book of the Dead’


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