First of the Heroes
Released March 2020
    1. Enter the Sanctuary
    2. The Legend of Gilgamesh
    3. Hunt the Hunter
    4. Vampire’s Ball
    5. Beast and Man (the Mage)
    6. Desolated Sea
    7. Music of the Spheres
    8. The Fern Flower
    9. Lady of Eternal Winter
    10. History of the World

a) The Dawn of Man
b) Civilization
c) Middle Ages
d) Apogee
e) Demolition
f) The New World

Goddess of the Moon
Released November 2017

1. Land of Perun
2. Witch and the Devil
3.Goddess of the Moon
4.Whispers in the Dark
5.The Farthest Shore
6.All Life Long
7.Visions from Beyond
8.Prince of Ice (Winter Tale)
9.Some Other World


We are going to War

Released 30 March 2024

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Сребърни Ята

Released 9 April 2021

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Prince of Ice
Released February 2012

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