Gigography (Tour Dates)

Upcoming Dates :

Joy Station 16/11/2017 Sofia Bulgaria
Club Vintage 33 25/11/2017 Varna Bulgaria
Podleza Bar and Fun – CANCELED 02/12/2017 Plovdiv Bulgaria

Past Lives :

Bar Tri Ushi – PHD Lab – guests 10/11/2017 Sofia Bulgaria
Bar Club Adams – Help Tony 09/06/2017 Sofia Bulgaria
BNR Studio 16/05/2017 Varna Bulgaria
Alive Bar 12/05/2017 Burgas Bulgaria
Varna Live Club – Piraeus Battle of the bands 05/05/2017 Varna Bulgaria
Merock & blues club 29/04/2017 Shumen Bulgaria
Rock’n Rolla 28/04/2017 Pleven Bulgaria
Rock’n Roll Cafe 08/04/2017 Pernik Bulgaria
JOY STATION 16/02/2017 Sofia Bulgaria
Mixtape5 sideB 19/01/2017 Sofia Bulgaria
First Symphonic metal Gathering -Stage 51 16/12/2016 Plovdiv Bulgaria
Central Square 10/09/2016 Veliki Preslav Bulgaria
Club Smile 11/06/2016 Varna Bulgaria
Maimunarnika (WOA Metal Battle) 02/06/2016 Sofia Bulgaria
Ostring Competition – Live and Loud 05/03/2016 Sofia Bulgaria
Live and Loud 20/02/2016 Sofia Bulgaria
Polinero Place 13/11/2015 Plovdiv Bulgaria
Stage 51 03/10/2015 Plovdiv Bulgaria
Arkata 04/09/2015 Kyustendil Bulgaria
Kavarna square 08/06/2015 Kavarna Bulgaria
Rock Bar Fans 31/05/2015 Sofia Bulgaria
Rock Bar Fans 10/05/2015 Sofia Bulgaria
Maimunarnika (WOA  Metal Battle) 26/04/2015 Sofia Bulgaria
RockIt – Jagermeister  Battle of the bands  15/04/2015 Sofia Bulgaria
Alma Alter (Sofia Univercity) (acoustic) 13/03/2015 Sofia Bulgaria
Studio 5 NDK (acoustic) 26/02/2015 Sofia Bulgaria
Studio 5 NDK (acoustic) 25/11/2014 Sofia Bulgaria
8th Ball Club 30/03/2014 Sofia Bulgaria
Rock Bar Fans 29/06/2013 Sofia Bulgaria
Stage 51 06/04/2013 Plovdiv Bulgaria
Rock Bar Fans 12/02/2012 Sofia Bulgaria
Toucan Bluzz&Rock Club 14/07/2010 Sofia Bulgaria
Toucan Bluzz&Rock Club 18/04/2010 Sofia
Gothic Night Fest (Open Stage) 20/03/2010 Sofia Bulgaria
Toucan Bluzz&Rock Club 17/01/2010 Sofia Bulgaria

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