Joana Petrova

Joana Petrova

  • Date Of Birth:

March 26th

  • Instruments:

keyboards, violin, voice

  • Education:

Masters degree in Musical Composing

  • Musical Background:

Started playing the piano at the age of 3 and the violin at the age of 14. Self-taught in playing the guitar. Used to sing in a choir. Studied pop/jazz singing. Got a Masters degree in Musical Composing from the Musical Academy of Sofia “Prof. Pantcho Vladigerov”. Gained basic skills in playing the organ and the trumpet.

  • Favourite Bands:

Pink floyd, The Cure, The National, Morphine, Нова Генерация, Faith no more, Kreator, La oreja de Van Gogh, System of a down, Muse, VnV Nation

  • Favourite Albums:

Pink Floyd – The final cut

Muse – The Resistance

The National – Boxer

Faith no more – Album of the Year

Oomph! – Monster

  • Favourite Musicians:

Vladimir Horowitz

Itzak Perlman

P. I. Tchaikovsky

G. Mahler

I. Stravinsky

D. Shostakovich

A. Schoenberg

Emilie Autumn

David Bowie

Last Update at: 09-03-2018


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