Plamen Dimitrov

  Vinnie Atanasov

  • Date Of Birth:

August 15th

  • Instruments:

French Horn, Trumpet

  • Education:

Sofia academy of musicy

  • Musical Background:

Sofia national radio orchestra, Ruse Philharmonic orchestra, Pleven Philharmonic orchestra, Sofia Opera and Ballet, Sofia wind orchestra and Vratza Symphonic orchestra and now Koev2005 LTD

  • Favourite Bands:

BENDIDA,ACDC, Metallica, Manowar, Deep purple, Mnozil Brass, Sofia Brass, Canadian Brass, German Brass, Berlin Philharmony, New York Philharmony etc.

  • Favourite Musicians:

Arturo Sandoval, Stefan Dohr, Radek Baborak…

  • Favourite Movies:
  • Star wars, Lord of the rings, Shawshank redemption, The Matrix, The Eastwick Witches, Bucket list, Theory of the conspiracy …

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