Here is our new video “Land of Perun”
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Production – Boyan Karamfilov
Music and Lyrics – Vinnie Atanasov
Produced by Vinnie Atanasov and Bendida

Yordan Dichev (Dutch) as Perun
Kremena Nikolova as Red Pagan Priestess
Vinnie Atanasov – as Leader of the Villains
Milen Atanasov – as Villain
Svetlin Sofroniev – as Villain
Ivailo Shterev – as Villain

Kremena Nikolova – vocals
Vinnie Atanasov – guitars, vocals
Yana Ivanova – keyboards, guitars, vocals
Lyuben Dimitrov – drums
Vyara Grancharova – viola da gamba
Emil Boyanov – bass

Director: Boyan Karamfilov
Camera, Video-Making : Boyan Karamfilov
Scenario – Vinnie Atanasov
Makeup and Bodypainting – Yana Ivanova
Outfit / Equipment – Boyan Karamfilov
Stylist – Kremena Nikolova
Assistant – Albena Arsova

Song recorded, mixed, and mastered at Zero Project Studio
by Vladimir Bochev

Thanks :
Petar Petrov – dron operator and sky video
Sky Pictures Bulgaria
Martin – El Passo
Stilian Markov (Pobiti Kamani – Stone Forest)


2 thoughts on “NEW OFFICIAL VIDEO : LAND OF PERUN !!!!

  1. I love it. Greetings from Ireland. I heard about this band from a friend.

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