Now is the time to reach “The Farthest Shore” Our new video is already here !

Bendida – The Farthest Shore

Production – Vladimir Bochev
Music and Lyrics – Vinnie Atanasov
Produced by Vinnie Atanasov and Bendida

Tsvetoslav Nikolov as the Security officer
Atanas Dimitrov as the Magician
Valentin Panayotov – as the Evil Jester
Elena Traykova – as the Little Creature

Kremena Nikolova – vocals;
Vinnie Atanasov – guitars, vocals;
Joana Petrova – keyboards;
Vyara Grancharova – viola da gamba;
Pavlin Peev – bass;
Iva Magunska: flute
Vasil Traykov – drums;

Camera, Video-Making: Vladimir Bochev
Director: Vladimir Bochev, Kremena Nikolova
Camera Crane: Boyan Karmfilov
Scenario, Makeup, Stylist : Kremena Nikolova
Makeup: Kremena Nikolova
Outfit / Equipment: Kremena Nikolova, Vinnie Ataanasov
Lighting: Albena Arsova, Silvia Music

Song recorded, mixed, and mastered at Zero Project Studio
by Vladimir Bochev

Thanks :
Iskar Theater Hall (Дом на Културата Искър)


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