Bendida ( БЕНДИДА) is a symphonic fantasy metal band.
The band was founded by Vinnie Atanasov in 2008.
After its formation the band have many lives in the music clubs and local stages and have growing popularity.
The lyrics themes of the band are in the spheres of mythology, fantasy and the fiction
At the beginning of 2012 is released the first single of the band –
“The Farthest Shore” including the songs “All Life Long” and self-titled “The Farthest Shore”
In 2014 the band released their second single “Prince of Ice”
and an official video clip for the song.
The Video was promoted with a special gig.
At the end of 2014 the band is released their second official video for the song called “The Witch and the Devil”
In 2016 the band goes in studio for recording their debut album
In 2017 the Band release two official video clips for the songs:
“Land of Perun” and “Whispers in the Dark”
At 16-11-2017 the band release their first album called “Goddess of the Moon”
At the summer of 2018 Bendida share stage with bands Apocalyptica and Nightwish at Varna Mega Rock Festival   
The band currently consists of
Kremena Nikolova : Lead vocal
Vinnie Atanasov : Guitars, Vocals, Compositions, Lyrics
Alexander Panayotov : Bass
Bisera Dimitrova : Violin
Ralitsa Georgieva : Keyboards
Plamen Dimitrov : French Horn
Vyara Grancharova : Viola Da Gamba
MIlos Petrovic : Drums

Gigography (Tour Dates)

Upcoming Dates : VENUE DATE LOCATION with Sirenia at club Quantic 16/02/2024 Bucharest, ...

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